When you are coming to a foreign country there are so many questions come to your mind, that sometime it's too hard to handle. Nowadays you could try to answer that questions by googling it. But if internet fails to answer your naughty questions, what happens next is that you get so stressful and the worst part of it is that you can't get a good sleep? Imagine if your departure is within a week but you have no idea how it's going to look like in that new world. Even trying to imagine it gives me headache :D :D

One of the questions that you might come up with is the transportation question. This one won't be hard, right? Nowadays, all transportation agency has their own websites. Yes, it's partly correct. But what if the language used on that website was a language that you not know of?

Enough with your bullshit theory, Hari! :D

Now I will give you a website where you can check what means of transportation that can bring you to your destination in Romania.


Don't worry it's available in English. Even though when you are directed to the bus agency's website, it might switch to Romanian language.

We took a mini bus under the name of 'TST Turistik', I don't know if there is any other bigger bus. The street was so small. I couldn't imagine big busses pass that street.

What great about this whole thing is that the driver knows English. And the transportation system here is so, I lost word to describe it. Let me put it this way, there is no central bus station, where passengers are supposed to buy ticket - and where tickets booth are supposed to be located .

Apparently, here the system is like, the driver picks us directly from the airport. The mini bus is parked just outside the airport. How do we know that we, as passengers, will be picked up? Don't worry, the mini-bus driver is so good that he will call you half an hour before bus departs.


It was 17.30, which means the world was about to become dark - thus we won't be able to see anything. Literally anything.

Well, maybe that wasn't that bad, right? Since there was no much thing to see either. I suddenly understood why they came up with that Dracula myth. The atmosphere here during night is so supportive to that myth, too.

3 and a half hour on the read, we finally arrived in Galati. I didn't get to sleep on the bus. My mind was flying back and forth to the first existence of the world, and trying to answer 'did I make a good choice.'

Again, there was no bus station, or maybe their version of bus station is so out of my vision. The bus dropped us somewhere, which he called as bus station but I didn't see any bus parked there. Instead, it was a big street. And we were dropped just there.

We took a taxi to bring us to our dormitory in Str. Garii. Our names already on the list, and the receptionist were expecting us. We got our room keys. We went to our room separately. I slept peacefully that night.