my current room

Some people are destined to be homed. Some others spend their entire lives in semi-home, meaning dormitory. I might be one of them. I've been living in dormitory since middle school. Well, I took a break for 3 years, during high school. But then, fate brings me back again to my home. See? Home does not always have to be a home. "Home is wherever you are." I can go on and on talking about this sentence. It could be related with so many ideas, such as living abroad etc.

Actually that is where I am going to go. Yes, studying abroad. Quite true, but something is missing. Studying abroad under the frame of Erasmus+. This time I was brought back to my home by this little thing called Erasmus+. And, my current home is located in Galati, Romania.

I want to show you how it looks like and try to draw some comparison with my previous dormitory.

  1. Location
Both my dormitories located in a quite strategic places. By strategic I mean they both are pretty close to school. Meaning I don't have to pay more money for bus to get to school.

  1. Price
My previous dormitory costs 23o TL (69 euro) per month, while my current dormitory costs 85 euro. 

  1. Facilities
#in the room:
  • Previous dormitory -
bathroom, study tables, book shelf attached to the study table, beds and everything related to it, room heater, refrigerator, and cupboards.
(these great facilities are supposed to be shared with 4 people. But since so many room was empty I ended up living alone for 6 months. The next semester, however, I was forced to get a roommate , otherwise they will pick one for me, which is something very scary.)

  • Current dormitory -
Just like the previous one, but the book shelves are not attached to the study table. Instead of study table, we have a dining table. And, fortunately I share these facilities with only one person.

#Inside the building:
  • Previous dormitory:
Free breakfast and dinner, canteen and laundry.

  • Current dormitory
We have a tiny shared kitchen with 2 hotplates and a big refrigerator. Laundry. Canteen that opens only from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Which one is more favorable for me?
I think both have its good qualities and bad qualities. I like to cook my own food when I am tired of the food they make. But, I have times when I am so lazy to even make my own food. So the combination of the two would make a perfect place to live for me :D :p

My professor once said "It's not like Orhan Pamuk's books that require you to be knowledgeable in order to understand the message," as oppose to a book that we were reading. I was not sure if I understood clearly what he said until now.

I've been reading "My Name is Red" for quite some time. It took me so long to finish this book: 1. Because it's so complicated. Pamuk uses a lot references from Persian classical literatures such as "Leila and Mejnun" and "Husrev and Shirin."; 2. He mentions so many influential names from Ottoman eras, which requires us to do some research so that we can feel the excitement of reading. As readers this is something that we sometime ought to do, so that we (readers) won't feel like an alien.; 3. This book focuses on the world of miniatures or paintings in general. It took me awhile to understand what "Frankish style" and "Venetian style" mean. Orhan Pamuk also mentions some other styles invented in Eastern world; 4. And the part that amazes me the most is its narrative style. Orhan Pamuk uses "multiple narrators" style to tell the story; which means that the whole story from chapter 1 to the end will be told by various narrators. It also means that readers will be able to examine the degree of truth of each story by looking closely at the way one character tells its part.

So, now I think I am entitled to say that I love this so much - it teaches me how to be a responsible reader. I know that we are just 'tabula rasa' but it doesn't mean that we should be fed all the time. Instead, we should find our own food and feed it to our own mouths, not the other way around.